Parrots magazine

Article: Norfolk Parakeet
Published: June 2020
An international magazine for parrot lovers, including pet owners and parrot breeders, as well as conservationists.

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Picture PostCard Monthly

Article: Collecting Pitcairn Island
Published: March 2019
An international magazine for postcard collectors. My article told a little of the true story of the Mutiny on board HMAV Bounty and showed a selection of the earliest Pitcairn Island postcards. Mention is made of Pitcairn real photo postcard prices, and also how difficult it is to find copies of the cards.

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Picture PostCard Monthly

Article: The barber photographers of the New Zealand Shipping Company
Published: March 2018
An international magazine for postcard collectors. My article showed several early real photo postcards including stormy seas, Cape Horn and icebergs, as well as the Panama Canal and Pitcairn Island, and introduced the New Zealand Shipping Company barbers who took the photographs.

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Your Family History

December 2017

The end of the line
Sadly, Your Family History magazine ceased publication in 2018. My article showed how I researched an interesting collection of personal items relating to Enid Jones' career as a nurse working for the New Zealand Shipping Company, which I purchased on eBay.

Neither Enid, nor her sister Elsie were married, so there was nobody to take care of their memorabilia. It probably ended up in a house clearance.

"Enid died aged 84, and Elsie aged 91. Their lines stopped when they died, and their history finished up for sale on eBay."

I believe the article is still under copyright to Dennis Publishing, but items not included in it can be seen by clicking here.
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The Linking Shot

January/February 1983

The new animation

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For many years, I was the editor of this magazine for the Haywards Heath Cine Society. I wrote this article to explain how I thought computers would be used in animation in the future, and it is interesting to read it again today.

The article can be read by clicking here.


Download a PDF reproduction copy of the magazine.
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Canal & Riverboat monthly

June 1979

How to film your next canal holiday
Although there are two magazines for Canal enthusiasts published in the UK, I do not believe that this particular magazine is still published today. This was my first paid article. The illustration included with the article was drawn by my late father who was proud to see my name in print . . . and probably rather surprised!

The article can be seen by clicking here.
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