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This book is being extensively revised and should be available later in 2021 as both a paperback and Kindle edition

The Bounty Postcard Catalogue

The Bounty Postcard Catalogue is intended as an illustrated reference for collectors of the 50-year-old American postcards of the MGM Bounty replica. This Kindle book was originally part of the Pitcairn Postcard Catalogue, a small privately printed, black and white publication cataloguing cards related to the subject of the mutiny on HMAV Bounty, and also the history of the Pitcairn Island Group, comprising Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno. The Bounty postcard section has been greatly enlarged for this Kindle edition.

Because there have been so many reprints in various styles, this MGM section is one of the most complicated postcard collecting areas. It is possible, with luck, to build a basic collection with one example of each of the 37 different cards that are known at the time of publishing. If you would prefer to be extremely pedantic, like me, and cause much worry to your family who may be concerned for your sanity, the collection of MGM postcards can be expanded to 165 items as detailed in this publication.

I am fortunate to have corresponded with the late Chicago based postcard collector Walter Kramarski. He was well known, by postcard collectors using the auction site eBay, by his user name ‘MGM card’, and it is partially thanks to him that this catalogue is so comprehensive. He generously shared his research with me so that I could merge it with my own.

eBook Price: £3.50

This Kindle book has now been revised (2021) to match the paperback edition. If you have downloaded it previously, you should be able to download this revised edition free of charge.


Notes on Voyage, 1911: High jinks on the high seas

You are about to join John Lynn and his family on a steamship voyage from the UK to Australia. It is 1911, Queen Victoria’s grandson George succeeded to the throne just last year, his coronation will take place whilst you are on your voyage. When you arrive, you will most likely only be able to keep in touch with relatives back in the ‘old country’ by letter. Just a few of the more wealthy UK families have telephones in their homes, and of course such a long distance connection would be very difficult to arrange.

In this short diary you will find descriptions of all kinds of high jinks, ranging from games and pillow fights on deck, to the more serious raid by members of the ship’s crew on the cargo of whisky, and the ensuing drunken fights resulting in handcuffed sailors on deck.

This is a wonderful snapshot of 1911, and the chance to accompany an English family on their journey to a new life so far from home.

eBook Price: £1.80

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Zeppelin Letters: London during the First World War

Both my grandfathers fought in the Great War, later known as the First World War, and both survived … but only just! One was nearly shot in the head during the Battle of the Somme – a bullet passed right through his helmet, narrowly missing his head. The other was almost shot in the heart. He was saved thanks to the metal cigarette case in his breast pocket; the bullet bounced off it and into his arm. He was left without the use of that arm, but it was a strange case of smoking saving his life!

I was under the mistaken impression that the home front was relatively peaceful during the Great War. I knew that Londoners had suffered greatly during the Second World War Blitz, but I was very surprised to learn that another Blitz had occurred during the First World War. It was certainly very frightening for civilians at the time, in fact they were outraged by the indiscriminate bombing which killed many innocent women and children. Up to that point, war for the British was something usually only targeted at soldiers.

This book is a time machine. I hope that, like me, you will be transported back 100 years by reading the personal letters, and viewing the cartoons and photographs from the First World War. It was a frightening time, but still the great British sense of humour prevailed.

eBook Price: To be advised