Pitcairn Postcard Magazine

The magazines for sale on this page were privately produced between 1998 and 2010. The original versions were printed, and some have now sold out. A few items, such as classified advertisements and out of date email and web addresses have been deleted for these digital versions, but all the articles are included and the magazines are being offered at substantially reduced prices. There is also a "bundle price" for all six magazines and the supplement that was produced to accompany issue 3.
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This bundle includes all 7 of the magazines on this page, in PDF format, for the reduced price of £5.00 (saving £3.00). When you pay by PayPal, a link to download the magazines will be emailed to you at your PayPal email address. Total file size is approximately 27mb. See individual magazine descriptions on this page for content information.
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31 pages. Contents include: Pitcairn Island - 'Isle of the Bounty'; Pitcairn Postcard Catalogue, version 1; Recommended books; Postcards of Ships Visiting Pitcairn; Who was H.G.K.?; Mystery Postcards.
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35 pages. Contents include: Letters; Price watch; Unusual Additions – The Bounty Rudder Relic; Pitcairn Postcard Catalogue, version 2; Rare Photographs, some of which have been used for postcards; H.G.K. F.U. (& E.Th.) or … things we would like to know!; Maximum Cards; Shipping Report – The Ruahine.
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20 pages + 32 page catalogue. Shipping Report – The Willem Ruys / Achille Lauro; Letters; HGK Update and New Discoveries; An interesting auction lot; QSL Postcards; Notes on Mydiddee.
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32 pages. This magazine is a supplement and is included free with a purchase of issue 3.
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40 pages. Crossing the Line – aboard the Rangitane in 1933; A Pitcairn Tragedy – 1921; Pitcairn Boat Sheds on photographs and postcards; 'FU' Series of Photographs and Postcards; Catalogue Update; Postcards sold on the Internet; New Postcards from the Pitcairn Administration; SS Arawa on a tatty card; Auction Price Watch; Cigarette and Trade Cards; a Belgian Mystery; Visitors to Pitcairn in the early 1900s.
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60 pages. Identifying Goldfield Print Varieties; Postcard Discoveries; Curteich Presentation Folder; New Catalogue Numbering System; Storage for Postcards; Isle of Man; HMS Pandora postcards; Photographer unknown; Copyright "FU"; HGK's Pitcairn Time Capsule – update; Book Review; Crew's Income; The Bounty Rudder; Little pieces of Pitcairn!; Royal Visit to Pitcairn Island; McCoy's Bounty; Couple from Pitcairn Visit Grapevine (USA); Vintage photos of Pitcairn – new postcards from old photographs; 1957 Bounty Maximum Card; New postcards to look out for; 1988 Visit of Greenpeace; Mutiny on the Bounty film postcards; Mystery New Zealand postcard; Shipping Report – Rangitiki; Fletcher Christian's grandson Duddie; L30 – The Landry card; The Willem Ruys Connection.
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32 pages. Identification through handwriting?; 'E.Th.' follow up…; Pitcairn Q.S.L. Cards; Archaeological fieldwork on Pitcairn Island – 1964; 1940s Pitcairn real photo postcards by an unknown publisher; Peter Zerface – another barber!; Tichnor Brothers Postcards; Henry Spencer Salt, Norfolk Island photographer; Major John Pitcairn; Laboratories La Biomarine 'Dear Doctor' postcards; 1926 Watercolour Paintings.