Postcard Backs (1.8)
A free guide to the back style of postcards as an aid to dating and research
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This book by David Ransom has been produced to accompany the printed book X8. It supports many of the publications available through this website, as well as the author's articles in The Bounty, magazine of The Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands Society.

Digital eBook style PDF file. Illustrated throughout. Will print in landscape format on A4 if required. 45 pages.

Click the blue button below to download a FREE copy to your computer.

If you find the book useful, please consider making a small donation to Cancer Research (see text on the right).

Check back here for future updates.

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Download the free PDF book (v1.8)
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This FREE digital book has been produced as a research aid (or perhaps as an aid to sleep for those who cannot understand why anyone would wish to study the back of a postcard). Please consider making a donation* to Cancer Research by visiting the author's Just Giving page.
Thank you

*Suggested voluntary donation amount: £2
There is no need to donate more than once if you download an updated edition at a later date (unless you really want to of course!)

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